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World/US: Health Care
chris4short wrote in reasoned_voices
I posted about this topic back in May, and now we are coming "down to the wire."

Just the other day President Obama said that "We are going to get this done. We will reform health care. It will happen this year." We all hear that he wants the Senate and House to put something in writing, and to vote before August.

My question, and maybe yours, is why? What's the rush? Isn't this major, and so we should make sure we are overhauling this system we have currently, slowly and carefully?

What are your thoughts on why President Obama is trying to, in essence, force the US into Socialized Health Care. And what will the face of health care be? Do you feel the Media is representing this correctly? If you talk to your friends/co-workers/family members, in and out of the US, what's their view? Do they know the "side effects" of what this proposal are? (ie: long lines, high taxes...)

Have at it! please. Inquiring minds need to know!

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This is a good, goooood question.

I'd be inclined to say he's hurrying to get this passed before anyone can have time to take a really good look at it and see what it's really all about. He has the media on his side, and they aren't giving the public the full picture. He thinks that if this is passed in a hurry, people won't get to question it and when they realize the wool has been pulled over their eyes, it'll be too late.

I've heard there are people who traditionally vote democrat who aren't too happy about this whole thing. There seem to be more of us who know what's going on than he gives us credit for, but they want to pretend we don't exist and that this is for our own good.

The thing that disturbs me about it is that not only would we have to deal with crazy waiting lists, but they would deny older citizens the health care that could potentially save their lives. You need dialysis? Sorry, it's too costly. Go on home and try to make the best of it. My grandma is not in good shape and I am getting worried about what will happen to her if this passes.

The question is whether or not there will be enough people in Congress who will listen to their constituents and stand up to this craziness. Sadly from what I've seen lately, I'm not too optimistic regarding that.

Costa Rica might still have decent health care, though...

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