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World/US: Health Care
chris4short wrote in reasoned_voices
I posted about this topic back in May, and now we are coming "down to the wire."

Just the other day President Obama said that "We are going to get this done. We will reform health care. It will happen this year." We all hear that he wants the Senate and House to put something in writing, and to vote before August.

My question, and maybe yours, is why? What's the rush? Isn't this major, and so we should make sure we are overhauling this system we have currently, slowly and carefully?

What are your thoughts on why President Obama is trying to, in essence, force the US into Socialized Health Care. And what will the face of health care be? Do you feel the Media is representing this correctly? If you talk to your friends/co-workers/family members, in and out of the US, what's their view? Do they know the "side effects" of what this proposal are? (ie: long lines, high taxes...)

Have at it! please. Inquiring minds need to know!

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Hi, I'm Mary. I found this forum because I'm interested in discussion with people of all views without any name calling. I'm fairly liberal in my politics; I'm not a socialist or a communist; I also hold a one or two center-right views. For instance, I think teacher's unions have far too much power; I hate PETA; I think property tax rates should rise very slowly so that older people aren't put out of their homes; and I support some degree of gun rights though not to the degree of the NRA.

One area where I "am" very much in the "liberal" camp is in the health care debate. Like many liberals, I feel that Obama is too conservative on this issue and am amazed at the number of people saying he's bringing socialism to medicine. (A lot of health care reform advocates are thinking "Yeah right, I wish.") Obama is not pushing socialized medicine at all. He is "against" single payer. He used to insist on a public "option" of making a government run plan one choice, but now he's even backing off from that. The insurance companies SUPPORT Obama's plan, except for the public option, hence the Harry and Louise ads supporting reform; why would they do that if it was so bad for private enterprise?

Now as to why Obama is pushing to get this through. He's a new, inexperienced President and I think some Republicans in Congress made a big mistake when they said they were going to derail his presidency by derailing health care reform. Some in the media also said that Obama's presidency is a flop if health care reform doesn't go through. Unfortunately I think Obama made the mistake of listening to this rhetoric and is trying to push through health care reform fast fast fast rather than waiting until the ecomony improves (which I think he should do, as people will be more receptive then) in order not to lose face. Maybe if Republicans in Congress had reached out and said Obama would be showing leadership and courage by waiting on reform, and by scaling back his proposals, rather than "declaring war" things would be different. I don't think Obama should have taken the bait, but he did, probably due to his lack of experience. So I fault both sides. The de facto declaration of war from Republicans in Congress and Obama and some in his camp rising to the bait have tainted this whole process.

I don't think I will ever see the health care reform I want to see as too many Americans don't want it. Now, that scares me because even though I work for a huge, rich company, I pay a high rate (eighty dollars a month) for a HIGH deductible policy ($1200). If I lose my job, I will have to pay more than $400 for COBRA or $500 for California's high risk policy. And that's in California, which has what is considered the national model for malpractice tort reform. I will not be at all surprised if the day comes when I have no insurance because the money simply isn't there to pay for it. 10 years ago I had a 250 deductible and my employer, a small not so rich outfit, paid 100 per cent of the premium. What has happened? What is the point in having the best health care in the world if I end up not being able to afford doctors and medicine at all?

But I'm just one person, and maybe things have to get a lot worse before they get better. In the meantime I pray I can keep scraping by enough to afford health insurance.

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