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USA: President Obama: Poll
global warming
chris4short wrote in reasoned_voices
Let's kick things off with a hot debate! A Poll on how you feel about the changes we have experianced as America - and globally - since President Obama took Office.

Poll #1398647 Rate President Obama Now

We the People give government the power. How is governemtn, overall, doing?

A - They are doing great! I can't believe the ground they have covered.
B - They are doing ok, there has been a lot done, but not done great.
C - Average. Progress, yes, but really not satisfatory progress.
D - Definantly will need to improve before I am happy.
F - Not where I thought we were going, and I don't like where we are heading.

IF YOU VOTED FOR President Obama - Glad you voted for him?

Yes, he is living up to all the hopes and dreams!
Moderately. I know he can't do everything in 100+ days.
Average. Some of the things he has been doing is in keeping with what I expected he'd do.
Dissatisfied. I can't say I am happy.
No. This is not what I wanted to happen when I voted for him.

Explain your answer to #2.

IF YOU DID NOT VOTE FOR President Obama: Have you canged your mind?

Yes. He is doing better than I expected.
Kinda, he is dealing with things in a way I would want my President to.
Not really, I still don't think I would have voted for him.
NO! I stand by my vote 1000x!

Explain your answer to #4.

Comment! In subject lines, or seperate posts, let's talk about the issues we want to talk about. Talk about what the politicians are talking about so we all can become informed citizens.

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Heh. I guess I've skewed the poll a lot here... but maybe it will even out a little more soon. ;)

Not much more I can say about my choices. They are mine and I respect all other opinions, so hopefully no one will be afraid to voice theirs!

That's what's great about the open exchange of ideas. You have your view, I have mine, others join in and there is the real seat of understanding and cooperation.

Hopefully others will join. Feel free to pimp it at like-minded coms, and your LJ. It's no fun when it's just people like us.


And I will gladly do so :D

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