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global warming
chris4short wrote in reasoned_voices
Welcome to Reasoned Voices! A place where we value intelligent debate on important issues and topics relating to politics and our political values.

Why should this community exist? Well I am tired of not having a place to ask questions and debate topics I find interesting. My journal isn't the place, you feel alone, and we need a comfy couch to settle in and talk.

Who would want to join this community? Anyone who is willing to be open minded, listen and make rational and intelligent responses and posts. Anyone who wants a watercooler to gather around and talk about issues you get flamed normally by your flist because they don't want to read your posts about. If you act like my fifth graders and shrug your hypothetical shoulders and stomp your feet and see this as a hissy fit, leave now.

Posting: This community is moderated (Want to be a moderator? PM and we will talk) for your protection. Protection? Yes, so when the bashing does start, we can weed it out. Who wants to come to a place where your posts will only elicit boos and childish behavior? Haven't we done that and received that on our own journals?

To post: In your subject line please state the over all idea of your post.

Examples: Texas: Gun Control - or - Rawanda: Genocide

That way people can see in the subject what you will be wanting to discuss. Asking questions to prompt other views is great. Don't post a subject if you don't want to hear someone disagree. We are an open platform for anyone's view. We just ask you support your sides. Put the intelligent and reason into your posts and responses.

If you are going on about a topic, put a leading paragraph, and the rest of the discussion under a cut. Cite sources - please - so others can be informed on what you are talking about. Not all of us troll the news media at the same rate, so we all are not as educated as you. Help others so we all can understand and grow. Information = informed decissions and discussions.

To reply: Make sure you stay on topic. You will be curbed and banned if you don't stick on topic. No personal "Well yo mamma..." bashing. No flaming ("You are a hate monger and that's all"). I’ll try my best to monitor all the activity, but don’t hesitate to tell me if someone is getting a bit out of hand. The first police were our neighbors. If you are reporting someone because you don’t like them, or their views, YOU will be banned.

Keep an open mind, thinking, and talking. Check the rules often, don’t hesitate to ask – or even if you want to run a question by me – I don’t bite, and I am not much of a hate monger. *grin*


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