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World: Health Care
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chris4short wrote in reasoned_voices
Ok, since we seem to be jumping with people... *sarcasim alert*.... I want to move to something that is on the global scale.


This morning I was talking to a fellow teacher and she said she found it rather frustrating that the American government said she made too much money as a teacher and therefore her husband couldn't recieve disability. Understandable, since if you can afford things, why are you relying on someone else? But, she went on and said that if she got healthcare through the school, it would be half her pay check, and there was no way they could afford the back surgery he needs.

As President Obama and his administration is fully on the path to bring in Universal Medicine (around July 31st I heard he will push it through), what will this really mean for us as Americans, and the rest of the world. How has Universal Medicine - particularly if you live outside the US and have this already - look on the everyday person level? Will people say they want to go to America to get things done, or will they see we are no longer the freemarket for such surgeries and advances in technology and medicine?

I also included some links to help so we all can become more educated, because education = intellegent discussions.

So what's your thoughts? Comments? Theories?

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Really, to me, it all depends upon if Americans are willing to live with the downside to universal healthcare - waiting lists, high taxes, etc.

I'd vote no, they wouldn't! I think we as Americans are too used to the "get it NOW" mentality we have become so "famed" for. Everyone is always screaming for lower taxes - yet they all want the glitz and the goods.

I worked in the media, but for a very small paper, so I don't get why the "media" is not looking at this critically. If I were still working, I would be interviewing doctors and the like to see if this is good... and for who!

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